Rhubarb pie ingredients

Estonian Rhubarb Pie

Not everyone knows about Rhubarb. It is a seasonal vegetable. Yes, vegetable that is a surprise to many.  Growing in your garden or when you find in the shops shelves you might wonder where or how to use it.

Today’s cake is my old time favorite, – Estonian rhubarb pie. In my memory rhubarb always marked the beginning of the long waited summer in Estonia.   Rhubarb is best beginning of the season when the stalks are still young and juicy. Large and older stalks taste woody and never eat the leaves either.   I always peel the outer layer off the rhubarb stalks, chop into chunks and leave them in a bowl for 20 -30 minutes with sprinkled sugar to rest. Leaving the rhubarb pieces to absorb the sugar, will take away the extra edge of sourness.

Over the years I have changed and tried different variations of my mothers original recipe.  The latest addiction to my experiments is replacing cake flour in the recipe with Coconut – and Almond flour.  YES! – it makes it gluten and wheat-free. I like to use farm butter and found a really good one I like by Mooberry farm . I am also using free-range chicken eggs, just note the colour of the egg-yolk that could be called genuine ‘Egg Yellow’ and the little feather still stuck on the egg – fresh from the farm.

From start to finish making of the Estonian Rhubarb Pie takes less than 45 minutes to make. It is versatile as you can eat it either hot or cold, I personally love to eat it cold with hot custard … yummm.

For the recipe detail follow the link to Recipes page.

Estonian Rhubarb Pie Recipe

Rhubarb pie ingredients
Rhubarb pie ingredients
Freerange egg, farm butter, coconut flour, flour and sugar
Free-range egg, farm butter, coconut flour, flour and sugar

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